Think Safety, Think Dr.OSHA






Think Safety…Think Dr.OSHA

Dr.OSHA is the dominant brand in the SE Asian safety footwear market which seeks value along with safety, comfort and durability. This mass segment recognition has enabled it to be successfully marketed to other developed and developing regions worldwide. Possibly the only truly international safety footwear brand worldwide, Dr.OSHA has satisfied wearers en masse in workplaces, providing them with quality standards-accredited, comfort-to-feet and value-to-employer safety and productivity.

International Quality Standard

DrOSHA safety shoes are professionally manufactured in compliance with European EN ISO 20345 and American ANSI Z41 standards and codes. For your safety, health, and comfort. DrOSHA safety shoes are designed ergonomically by a renowned Italian safety shoe designer. For quality and durability, DrOSHA safety shoes are manufactured using the most advanced German DESMA direct injection machine with computerized automation equipment.